All New Season 3 Server

A well-developed Server to provide you a better gaming experience!


Active Community

We are aiming to be one of the top Servers of all time in MU Online!

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Unique than the others

We offer you a real free-to-play server! More grinding experience to become strong.

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TOP Rankings
1High ElfShaybeh13,221Noria
2Grand MasterSkadi4001,871Noria
3Blade MasterBokiE1661,313Arena
4Grand MasterIcySnowy3781,253Arena
5Blade MasterECOIN2121,111Arena
6Grand MasterMIUMIU3931,100Arena
7Blade MasterECOIN14001,078Arena
8Grand MasterOngGiao135995Noria
9Magic GladiatorRoyalVN178845Arena
10Blade MasterIvaar364797Arena
11Duel MasterMERLIN50788Kanturu 2
12High ElfElfXyNk325738Arena
13Blade Master3Ngo370674Arena
14Lord EmperorSkidS400668Land of Trials
15Grand MasterSnowBell1644Lorencia